Phone Backup Service

What's more valuable to consumers: their cellphones or the data stored on them? Services like MightyBackup, Verizon's Backup Assistant and Sprint's Wireless Backup offer cellphone users peace of mind by wirelessly backing up phone data.

FusionOne, a developer of premium mobile services, created MightyBackup, a wireless services that provides simple, automatic data backup and restoration. Automatic backups ensure phone book lists are constantly protected, and if a phone is replaced, stolen, lost or damaged, MightyBackup simply sends the user's contact list to a new phone. No hardware or pc connection needed – it all works through the phone's connection to the network, with data stored in a central database.

Verizon's Backup Assistant is powered by FusionOne, and Sprint recently launched Wireless Backup, which synchronizes a phone's contact list with a copy on Sprint’s servers. All services are offered at around USD 2 per month. In Brazil, Vivo offers the same service under the name Vivo Agenda. (Note that these services don't work for all phone models.)

Considering how many consumers use their cellphones as their primary address books, offering them a secure, automatic and wireless way to prevent data loss is a sure winner. This might not be a unique idea, but it plays to an underserved market: it's a service every cellphone user needs and wants, but one that isn't readily available everywhere.


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  1. mike on

    There’s a new service launched this week called, which is based on the leading synchronisation engine developed by Funambol, Sync4j.

  2. mycoliseum on is also working on the same pattern. The basic feature of backup is similar to mightybackup and other services but with a better user interface. They have introduced an interesting feature to share your contacts and calendars so if you are a businessman, club member or a teacher, you can share your calendar activities with others. It’s quite a comfortable way to manage and communicate your activities.

  3. the deadlist martial art on

    Your ability to communicate this kind of information is exactly what all of us need. By sharing your knowledge you assist people via expressing your own personal experience. And I will let you know right now your article aided me.

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