SecondLife: It’s Not a Game, The Ultimate Co-Creative Business

While brands like Coca-Cola and MTV have dabbled with establishing a presence in the virtual world, I have been curious to see which retailers make the first move and which ones get it right.    Looks like American Apparel gets the retailer prize.  More importantly , real world businesses are starting to discover the opportunity of SecondLife on it’s 3 year anniversary.  Some actually understand how to use this medium.  Others are simply playing with “Advergaming” (…stupid little forgettable advertising-led online games). Karl Long has written an insightful piece on Second Life titled, “It’s not a game; the ultimate co-creative business”

“June 23rd will be SecondLife’s 3rd birthday, and it finally seems to be gaining traction in the marketplace of ideas, and more importantly for its financial viability it’s starting to gain the attention of businesses. Micropersuasion noted yesterday that American Apparel has opened a store there, and in September last year, Wells Fargo bought and island, and created an educational game.”

Give it a read…but more importantly, get into Second Life and then decide for yourself where your opportunity lies.

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