It’s Starting to Look Like the Jetsons

Biosensor Illustration

“Soon, mothers will routinely test their children at home for the flu. Doctors will screen patients for cancer and begin discussing treatment based on the immediate results. Farmers will scrutinize the health of animals, and soldiers and environmental inspectors will test the safety of air and water, without time-consuming trips to the lab.

This is the data-rich future that Dow Corning is helping create via an alliance with Genencor International. They have to make a powerful portable biosensor that–unlike today’s unwieldy equipment–will be easy to use and flexible, capable of performing multiple diagnostic tests.

Kevin Ryan, Dow’s biosensor leader, expects the first device, aimed at veterinarians, to be available in a couple of years. Sensors for human use and food inspection need FDA approval, which could take several years. The promise, though, is real: life-saving data without the wait.”

Click here for more on how this will work.

<via FastCompany>

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