Can the PS3 Save Sony?

 PlayStation 3 logo

Wired has an excellent article on Sony which covers in great detail, the company’s uncertain future and daring strategic gamble focused on the PS3. 

The bottom line – Sony has lost its way and is standing at a precipice.  It’s betting the company on the PS3; a daring strategy which pits them against Microsoft, not just in video games, but across the entire panoply of home electronics, which Microsoft is determined to control through software.

Sony is a great example of what happens when a company stops listening and responding to the needs of their customers.  Sony’s biggest successes have been as a personal hardware company, coming up with nifty gadgets that delight consumers, but in recent decades, it has pushed a plethora of proprietary standards that the world has consistently rejected.   In Sony’s current struggle, it is more focused on beating Microsoft than it is on creating great gadgets that customers want.  As a result, the PS3 is bloated with expensive, proprietary technology, which has delayed the product’s launch, much to the dissappointment of loyal gamers.  More importantly, nothing in all that technology indicates that the PS3 will be fun for the customer who shells out a whopping $600 for a console.  The Wired article makes the following observation:

“At the root of Sony’s precarious position – not just in the industry, but with gamers at large – is the company’s overweening ambition. The PS3 is all about power. Sony has said curiously little about whether this amped-up Linux über-computer will actually be fun to play. Meanwhile, Nintendo wowed everyone at this year’s E3 with the Wii, a console you can play simply by waving a wand at the screen. And Microsoft has upped the fun quotient by making it easy to play with all your buddies online.”

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