New technology could nip DVD format war in the bud

According to an article in Computer World, the format war around next-generation DVDs may be over before it has begun, thanks to a breakthrough from a British media technology company.  London-based New Medium Enterprises (NME)  has developed a technology which allows multi-layer hybrid DVDs have Blu-ray on one layer and HD DVD on another, and have lowered the cost of production to just 1.5x the price of regular DVDs.

By putting the same film on a single disc in the two competing formats, movie studios can save money, and consumers do not have to worry if they are buying the right disc for their player.This announcement come just a few weeks after after three employees at movie studio Warner Bros. filed a patent for the application of multiple formats on a single DVD.   NME says there is no patent collision between the two.  The Warner guys patented the idea and MNE is patenting the technology to make it work.

Multiple format DVDs can solve the emerging war between the two new high-capacity DVD formats: Blu-ray, which is backed by Sony Corp. and Toshiba-supported HD-DVD.   Hollywood studios have been choosing sides in the DVD format war, each supporting one of the two formats. Some have said they will produce films in both, in addition to the standard DVD format.

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