Customer Experience at the Apple Store

Mark Kingdon over at Three Minds relates a recent experience at the new Apple store in Manhattan.

“I looked at the long lines at the registers and thought twice about buying one. Just as I was about to bail out, a sales associate asked if he could help me. I asked to see a Shuffle. He took one from a passing colleague, showed it to me and said if you want to buy it, I can check you out here. I said, “great!” He then pulled out a small credit card authorization device, swiped my credit card and offered to email me the receipt. A moment later, he pulled a bag out of the bag he had slung over his shoulder, put the Shuffle in and I was on my way. All in less than 5 minutes. Now, that is an exceptional retail experience.”

“Line Busting” with wireless technology is not new, but most retailers don’t use it.  When the store is busy, like during the most critical time for retailers (November/December), most retailers the make the customer stand in line for the register.  People are busy and having to wait to pay is a big source of dissatisfaction.   Apple is once again showing others how to put the customer first by enabling everyone on the floor to be “the register”.

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