Sprint Fires Its Customers

I was a Sprint customer for a while.  I hated every minute of it.  The coverage was spotty and their ability to screw up the billing month after month was unprecedented.  Every month, I would call their support line, wait on hold for 30-40 minutes, and then have to explain the problem (usually se same problem as the previous month).  Once the contract was up, I fired them.  Today, Gizmodo is reporting that Sprint is firing some of their customers for, are you ready for this, making too many customer service calls regarding billing and other account info.

I’m not kidding!  Here it is:


As outlined in letters to certain customers, Sprint is giving them 30 days notice and then they are shuuing off their phones.  In a rare moment of weakness for cell phone carriers, Sprint is going to let these customers go without having to pay early termination fees of the last month’s bill.

I am amazed by the arrogance of this action.  I’m sure these customers have nothing better to do than to use up Sprint’s valuable customer support resources day in and day out with their silly questions.  I smell an orthodoxy here.  Something along the lines of “these customers are bad because they cost us more than they generate.”

Sprint deserves some seriously bad press over this incredibly stupid approach. 

Here’s my suggestion to Sprint:  Before you start firing your customers, you should take the time to understand the source of the problem.  It’s probably staring back at you when you look in the mirror.

21 thoughts on “Sprint Fires Its Customers

  1. That is a very callous way to treat customers and other Sprint customers should take note. Basically, if a customer is calling in frequently to Sprint, something is probably wrong with the service they are receiving. Sprint should welcome those calls: first because every complain/problem helps them find out how to improve their service, and secondly because every interaction with a customer gives them an opportunity to wow that customer.

    It looks like Sprint is simply not interested in being a company that works to give their customers the best experience possible.

  2. I am sad to say but I was with sprint for years and they don’t care about there customers. This is another way for them to show you they think they are so big that no one can touch them. Well I think it is time for us to take a stand. Change you carrier. Alltel is much better and bigger but they treat there customers with respect. Sure they make mistakes, but for the most part they fix any and all problems. I say we all so NO to the bully SPRINT. Don’t take it any more. Take the time to call into customer service and complain that the coverage sucks, the bill it to high, customer service is shit and we won’t take it anymore.

  3. You have no idea what i’ve gone through with sprint/nextel in the past week. I think I’m gona be fired soon cause I’ve called so many times, but it’s only because their customer support has gone horribly wrong. I don’t know what’s happened over the years. They have no respect for the customer or their employees and that’s abviously why we in return get bad customer service. I’m had to call for an entire week just to get someone on the phone that can help BUY a new phone, (because nextel phones are crap) and instead of helping me and fixing the problem they everyone i got on the phone with just tried to credit me $10 bucks here and there to shut me up but really i didnt need that i just needed to replace a broken phone! At this point I hope get FIRED because i’ve had it…I’m soooo unbelievably frustrated that I’m glad I found some where i can vent! thanks for listening.

    P.S. sprint sucks!

  4. While my Sprint service is for the most part good, I kind of wished they would fire me too. I don’t complain enough I guess. I just happened to move to a strong PCS signal area. Just ready for a change. Been with them since ’97.

  5. The nerve! Doug I couldn’t find an email for you. If you would, I have a snippet to share. That letter reads like the ones candidates receive after applying for jobs. Same level of (un)care and lack of interest. If your customers weren’t so frustrated with your service, they might be more profitable. Duh!

  6. Let us know when you find a great company Doug. It would be fun to know what cell phone company you would recommend. 🙂

    Sorry I missed your correct name in my first try…

  7. Wow, this has generated a few comments. Looks like dissatisfaction with Sprint is alive and well. Robyn, I moved to TMobile about a year ago. Still not great in the customer experience department, but much better than Sprint.

  8. I have always heard bad reports from Sprint. I was once a Nextel customer and hated it. Now that they have merged, there is no way I would consider using them for service. This just supports my decision even more! Someone needs to pull their head out of their a$$.

  9. Sprint service is horrendous, we FIRED them and reported them to the attorney generals office for not meeting their contractual obligation to provide relaible service. We got $150 out of $300 back from Sprint after their attorneys finally called us directly. We have since moved to Verizon and LOVE THEM!!! Been there now for 3 years and they have excellent customer service and work with you on adjusting your plans as needed. Highly recommend them. If you have Sprint, send the message and FIRE them…hopefully they will go out of business and stop screwing over good paying customers.

  10. I noticed that the majority of the complaints are from women, just an observation.
    Step back 10 years ago and you didn’t even know what a cell phone was, now you cant LIVE without it, get over it.
    I for one applaud Sprint for having the set to ‘fire’ the pain in the rear repetative complainers.

  11. Man I hope they fire me as a customer because
    their service is awful and they take no accountability in
    thier terrible billing system. I think what they
    did to these customer, we should be able to do to
    them without being charged an arm and a leg.

  12. In Sprints contract with its customers it states that service can be disconnected at anytime for any reason. Sprint gave its customers plenty of notice to find another carrier and gave a credit for the final bill also did not charge the ETF for the disconnect of services. The customers that that were “fired” were customers who call in month after month requesting credit after credit but never want to make a payment. Sprint is losing money. Why should Sprint pay its customers to use their service. Pay to stay or go away. As far as buisness goes, I feel it was a very smart move.

  13. I have been a Sprint user since 1998. I generally dealt with their dropped calls and poor billing probably like anyone else. Recently we moved and had 1 or our 2 numbers ported. I worked with Sprint to do this – especially since the move occured nearly at the same time as my 2 year contract was up. I was assured by a Sprint agent that I would not have to pay a contract cancellation charge. Guess what, I now have a bill for an additional 150.00. The Sprint agent I called to have this dropped was arrogent and didn’t listen to my complaint. She encouraged me not to speak to her supervisor because “she will just tell you what I just did”. So, I wait 10 minutes for the supervisor… the management at Sprint either didn’t believe me (I had my wife there also) or didn’t give a damn. In any event, I am changing the other number also to another provider. That is good business Sprint (sarcasm)…. you just shafted a customer who has been with you for about 9 years – who has paid you somewhere in the range of 21,000 for services to get 150.00. I’m fairly certain I will be reading about poor management with Sprint for some time to come. By the way, I am encouraging any person I come into contact with to go elsewhere for cell service, starting with the 400 staff and clients I see weekly.

  14. Hahaha why am I not surprised!!! I’ve on numerous occasions called in and was transferred to 4 or 5 reps had to retell the same story and was on the phone for well over an hour or two. I wonder if they’re going to fire me. I’ve been a customer of theirs for 7 years.

    Everytime I call in it seems to get worse. When the rep says “everything is fine” I always want to laugh. Last time I actually had a rep with a brain! YEAY!!!! Finally now everything is fine… until I need a new phone or an adjustment.

    Somehow I ended up on a family plan with unlimited everything (minutes, text, internet) for 2 lines $95/month!! What a steal!

    I just don’t want to deal with calling in explaining my story to a rep who ends up being in the wrong department, have to be transferred and start all over again… then again… and again. Until I’m talking to the retention department (post 4 other reps). GEEEESH!!

  15. I had sprint for 7 years, and they had bad customer service and dropped calls the whole time I was with them. I live in Walla Walla, Washington, and the best service in Town was through Nextel, but within a year of Sprint buying Nextel, they stated to shut down the local Nextel Network and move those customers into the Sprint network.

    In Walla Walla, that leaves just Verizon and T-Mobile as service providers with a presence, and T-Mobile’s is very limited. Lucky for me, I saw an article online about “Consumer Reports” annual reader’s cell phone company ratings, and Verizon usually lands near the top with ALLTEL. I then got a really good deal for my phone through an online store: http://www.cellchecker.com/. The consumer report article is here: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/electronics-computers/phones-mobile-devices/phones/cell-phone-service-providers/cell-phone-service-1-08/overview/cell-service-ov.htm

    Good luck on getting out from under Sprint, and keep passing the word. LOL


  16. Sprint! Put in one complaint call every day and don’t pay Early Termination Fines!! :):)

    Aside from the fact that you have to work for it, letting customers go without those blackmailing Early Termination Fines is, gasp, a nice service to the customer 🙂 🙂

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