Taggin’ The Line

Cam Beck started it, Ryan Karpeles was a second generation tag-ee, and he has now tagged me. “It” is a new meme in which you create a new tagline for some of your favorite bloggers. The rules from Cam are as follows:

  1. Pick 5 of your favorite bloggers (they don’t have to be *the* 5 favorites) and give each of them a tagline.
  2. You can pick more, if you wish, but each tagline should be unique, and it shouldn’t mimic the tagline that exists on the individual’s blog.
  3. Participation is optional, so don’t feel like you are obligated to tag anyone else unless you just think it would be fun.

I’m not marketer, so taglines aren’t my specialty, but it sounds like fun so here goes…

JerseyTodd: “Rockin Briefs” (Hey, he’s a lawyer)

Chris Cree: “Better Business Through Blogging”

Going Like Sixty: “Blogging Boomer”

Liz Strauss: “Leader/Teacher”

Tim Siedell: “Tropical Fruit with an Attitude” (OK ,I stole that from Armano. How about “Every Picture Tells a Story”)

If you aren’t following these bloggers, you should check them out.

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