Little Things That Make Your Company More Human



There’s been quite a bit of buzz about this week. The story goes something like this:

  • A woman buys shoes from Zappos for her elderly mom.
  • Five pairs were to be sent back, but in the aftermath of mom being hospitalized and subsequently passing away, she forgets about sending them.
  • Zappos sends e-mail asking about the shoes and the woman replies telling them about the situation.

This is where it get’s interesting….

  • Zappos arranges for UPS to do a pickup at the woman’s home.
  • Zappos sends the woman flowers.
  • Woman blogs about it telling people to buy from Zappos.
  • The story gets picked up and shared all over the place.

This was not something that Zappos planned for PR purposes. It is likely not something that they do by policy either, but through the kindness of the people that work at Zappos, positive PR was generated and new customers were made.

What kind of culture does your company have? Do you have rules and procedures at your company that would discourage this type of action or do you encourage your employees to show the human side of your company?

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