My 4X4

4x4.jpgNo, not kind of 4X4! I’m talking about the latest meme that’s making the rounds of the blogosphere. Peter Kim started it, adopted from an e-mail that he received. He tagged Becky Carroll and she tagged me. As Peter explained it on his blog, the original e-mail asked that you describe four things about yourself for each of nine categories. Peter (thankfully) reduced the requirement to four categories, although you can pick from all nine. So here goes….

Four Jobs I’ve Had:

  1. Busboy ==> Waiter: First real job. Family friend owned a restaurant. I worked Saturday’s lunch and prep for dinner.
  2. Pharmacists Assistant: Way back when I thought I wanted to be a Pharmacist. Working for one made me realize that was going to be a bad choice for me.
  3. Professional Musician: I still play professionally on weekends.
  4. Programmer (oldschool – HP3000 – Pascal)

Four Music Artists I’m Listening To Now:

  1. Porcupine Tree
  2. Rob Dickinson
  3. Silversun Pickups
  4. Matthew Good

Four Places I’ve Been:

  1. Kona, Hawaii: Stayed at the Kona Village Resort back in 1996. Steve Jobs was staying in the hut next to me.
  2. Amsterdam, Netherlands: First stop on a European tour for a multi-state choral group that I participated in before my last year of high school.
  3. Barrie, Ontario: visited several times for work.
  4. Bald Head Island, NC: A favorite vacation spot.

Four Places I’d Rather Be Right Now:

  1. Walt Disney World – Won’t have to wait long. Going next month.
  2. New York City – Won’t have to wait long for this either. Have you heard about Blogger Social?
  3. Duck, NC – Another favorite vacation spot.
  4. Home – This is really my first choice. A while back, I asked a consultant friend who travels all over the world what his favorite place was. “Home” he replied. Now that I’m consulting, I understand.

And now for the best part of any meme… Tagging other folks to carry it on. I’d like to hear from Valeria, CK, Kory, Laura.

In addition to the four categories that I used, you can also choose from:

  • People who email me regularly
  • TV shows I DVR
  • People I think will respond
  • Favorite foods
  • Things I look forward to this year

Have Fun!


Do I Respect Media Snackers

mediasnackers.jpgMediaSnackers is an organization based in England that provides insight and consulting in the area of youth media consumption. Last week, Jeremiah Owyang posted a video from MediaSnacker. The video describes “media snackers” as young people, hyperconnected to a wide assortment of digital, on-demand media. They are consumers who are no longer bound to linear media; who “snack whenever, wherever and whatever they like”. Owyang challenged the idea that it’s just youth consuming content in this way and suggested that you must respect snackers if you want to be a part of their lives. With that, he tagged several bloggers to to answer the question: “Do you respect Media Snackers?” and a new meme was born

Several generations later, I was tagged by Geoff Livingston to weigh in. Like many others that have participated in this meme, I’d have to say that in some respects I do respect media snackers, but that I have lots of room to improve.

Here’s what I do to show respect:

  1. I try to offer insights that will be of value.
  2. My posting frequency varies; I don’t blog unless I have something worth sharing (healthy snacks).
  3. I try to keep my post short and too the point (ok, may need some improvement here).
  4. I usually include links to other snacks that relate to my post (are you still hungry?).
  5. I use Twitter for micro-snacks or to link to other snacks.

People blog for many reasons; some more purposeful than others.  I initially started blogging to learn.  Even today, I write about things that I am interested in, but not specifically to create content for others to consume.  Nevertheless, I have developed a regular group of  snackers who consume my content.  So to Jeremiah’s point, here’s what I need to do better:

  1. Get more concise and timely in my messages.
  2. Explore new formats that can deliver content more effectively (video, podcast, microblogging).
  3. Look for new channels that snackers may be using.

To keep the meme going, I tap Steven StreightRick Mahn, Luis Suarez, Ryan Karpeles, and Erin Handy to answer the question.

Even it I didn’t tap you, feel free to weigh in and leave a comment linking to your post.