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headshot2.jpgDoug Meacham is a Multi-Channel Retail consultant with IBM and a veteran of the consumer electronics retail industry. He is passionate about Customer Experience, Innovation, Brand Engagement and Social Media.

Prior to joining IBM, Doug worked for Circuit City Stores in various technology, management and strategy leadership positions. Doug recently delivered a strategic framework and several high-profile innovation initiatives designed to help Circuit City create a differentiated customer and associate experience. As a social media evangelist, Doug created an internal blogging network for sharing insights across the organization and was responsible for Circuit City’s initiatives in the virtual world Second Life®.

Doug began blogging in April, 2006. When he is not blogging or working, Doug plays guitar and keyboards in a couple of bands in the Richmond area. He also enjoys golf, Disney World and vacationing on the beaches of North Carolina.

Doug is always looking for new opportunities to help companies engage with their customers to build better experiences.

You can email Doug here

13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello

    My name is Dhawal Sinha and I represent Ideawicket Innovations Private Limited based in New Delhi, India. We have recently launched an Open Innovation Portal that is available on http://www.ideawicket.com.

    Ideawicket seeks to bring together innovative consumers and corporations who are interested in collaborating for the development of improved
    products and services. As the site evolves our users will be able to pitch their innovations to specific corporations registered with us.

    Ideawicket is also a platform for people with novel ideas, projects and designs to showcase their creations and network with like minded
    peers. I thought you might find out site interesting since it is based along the same principles expounded in your blog.

    Thank you for your time.

    Best Regards
    Dhawal Sinha

  2. Hello Doug,

    I am a graduate student in Product Design at Stanford and am doing research in mass customization, innovation and the role of designers. I just came across your blog and it looks like you;re doing some interesting work at Circuit City. It would be great we can have a chat with you. Thanks. -kim

  3. Doug,

    I have been reading your blog focused on consumer feedback and I am really impressed with all the content that you make available for your readers and thought you might want to share those comments with some of our site visitors.

    I work for EC Next, the company that operates Manta.com. Manta is one of the top 15 most visited business websites as the site features 45 million public and private company profiles, including the profile for Dell, Proctor and Gamble and other major companies.

    We’ve just launched the World’s Largest Business Conversation on http://www.manta.com. We’re asking the public to modify, update and contribute to company information on Manta. You can post your comments on the company page for any company you chose. Of course it is free to use and read.

    Here is the page Proctor and Gamble to get you started:


    I thought you might want to post your comments to this page and reach some of our 4 million monthly users.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    Thank you,

    Sarah Deak
    ECNext, Inc.

  4. Doug,
    I just read your article on niche marketing and I found it to be “right-on”. You don’t need my approval but what I am saying is that in my own business, in which I cover many industries, I have found that the most successful are those targeting niche markets.

    I will certainly be checking out your blog on a regular basis.


  5. Hello, nice to meet you over the blogosphere and Twitterland. I write this from the middle of the woods of Finland. We spend summers up in Sotkamo, a small village (11 000 inhabitants) and winter work in Southeastern Finland, 1 h drive east of Helsinki. I blog a lot but consider myself an social media amateur. My interest is to apply social media, web 2.0 and blogging to traditional industries. Co-writing an ebook about Enterprise 2.0 and my theme is Virtual Organizations 1970 – 2010.

    Best regards
    Helge V. Keitel
    From the “peripherique” of the flat world

  6. I can see the “story/theme/image” that these big box stores want to convey–believe me, it’s not subtle. Where they fail is not in the costuming & branding, but in the actual product: the puzzled teenager with 2 years experience dressed up as the wizard. I run a small computer service company in boca raton–www.computerproblemsgone.com, and I deal with the disapointed former clients of best buy and circuit city every day. The products are fine, the expertise in configuration is just sad.

  7. I look so forward to meeting you at Blogger Social next April (it’s going to be very special…I’ve already met 50 marketing bloggers but never had the chance to meet more all at once!).

    Thanks for your offer to volunteer. I’ll definitely be taking you up on it, as this is truly a community event that everyone plays a part in. And we expect many more to register by early year.

    Can’t wait to hear all your stories from IBM and CC–and really can’t wait to meet you ;-).

  8. Hi Doug! You claim to know me on Twitter, so you probably do!

    I’d write more here, but I have no products or businesses to pitch you. Give me a shout sometime.

  9. You had time to wait in line, get turned away, and to drive 5 miles to another Panera…but you didn’t have time to cook dinner.

    Do yourself a favor next time. Stick it to Panera, buy some pasta, rice, and eat for a week (on the money you would have spent at there).

  10. Hello Doug…nice to meet you, here.
    I am enjoying reading your blog. Your headlines are among the best I have seen and really gain attention.
    best..GL HOFFMAN, Minneapolis

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